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Push It. Sell It. Track it.
Push Notification Marketing is Here to Increase Revenues of Your E-commerce Site.

Pushnifty Features

Pushnifty Provides integration with all major platforms like Magento, Shopify, Opencart, Prestashop, Zencart, woocommerce and many more. Pushnifty is smartest way to re-engage with users even after they have left the site.

Easy push notification marketing setup

10 Min Setup

Pushnifty offers very quick and easy setup. Our customers tell us they can’t believe how easy it was to get started. Once you signup, set your default prompt/Opt-in template and welcome push notification, you are all set to get the subscribers.

Real Time Tracking

Monitor your campaign conversion of your notifications in real time.  Pushnifty offers detailed reports for particular campaign with clear indication of effectiveness with click and delivery report.

Smart segmentation

Segment users by defining particular events like users who visited cart or checkout page or both pages and save it for repetitive use. Increase campaign effectiveness by creating personalized notifications and have them delivered to each user at the ideal time of day.

A/B Test Message

Deliver two test push notifications to a subset of users, then quickly check what works and what doesn’t. Then send the better one to the rest. A/B testing will help you with sending the push message that really works for your target audience.


Have thousands of users and expecting to send millions of push notifications? Don’t worry we have you covered. Our cloud infrastructure is there to take care of the scalability your desired.

Automatic Delivery

Schedule your push campaign for the perfect time of the day where you know you will have maximum conversions. Automatically send relevant notifications to users. Set it and measure it.

Push Templates

Pushnifty offers different template to choose from for Welcome and other predefined push messages. Use it, modify it for quick use or reuse. Our default templates are designed for higher click through rates.

Report Dashboards

Pushnifty dashboard is ideal way to check the effectiveness across different campaigns and websites. Reports can be seen for multiple sites that you may have setup within your powerful control panel.

Pushnifty Pricing Table

Pushnifty offers various pricing options to suit you needs. Weather you are multimillion eCommerce site or work from home eCommerce business, we have plan just for you.



2,000 Subscribers

Unlimited Attributes

Unlimited Events

Scheduled Notifications



5,000 Subscribers

Unlimited Attributes

Unlimited Events

Automated/Triggered Notifications



10,000 Subscribers

Unlimited Attributes

Unlimited Events

Automated/Triggered Notifications



50,000 Subscribers

Unlimited Attributes

Unlimited Events

Scheduled Notifications