Smartest way to sell on Mobile, Desktop

Offline or Online

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Connect your Ecommerce Store, Sell More Stuff

Pushnifty Provides integration with multiple platforms. No additional steps required
for the following platforms


Smartest way to re-engage with shoppers even after they have left the site.

New website visitors are presented with Push pop up inviting them to opt in for notification from your ecommerce site. Once they opt for push messages they are added as subscriber in the list and opens up new marketing channel for you. Site users are not required to install any software in order to receive notification.

Our message relaying option will take care of browser offline mode and message is lined up in queue till the visitor opens up browser.

Push Notifications are hard to miss

Nobody reads emails. Yes you heard that right.

Don’t worry about messages lost in promotion tab of email or spam in worst case. Emails piled up in queue are easy to ignore but that’s not the case with push notifications. Push notifications are hard to miss.

Our powerful A/B testing tool is your new marketing weapons.

Customer Retention Increase loyalty purchase

You got new tool with your customer retention techniques.

Delight your customers with jaw dropping offers and deals. Offer you site visitor some helpful notification.Our segmentation tool will help you to just do that.

Easy to opt in

Push notifications are here to truly redefine user engagement.

Make it easy for your users to opt-in. When site user visits website they are prompted with Welcome push notification inviting them to subscribe with two option Allow or Deny. This is just matter of click as oppose to asking for email address in case of email newsletter subscription.

Our customized Notify Button makes it easy for your users to opt-in

Help your sales team with conversions.

Push makes sales executive’s job easier.

You already know the value of leads and how much blood and sweat it take to bring the customer to shop – site.

Our Tried and Tested templates with good conversion pitch will help your sales team meet targets.